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Common Queries and Questions
3D printing - Stereolithography (SLA), with options for SLS, FDM, and other methods. Injection Prototype Molding - Most types of thermoplastics such as ABS, PE, PP, PC can be used with an aluminum or steel prototype mold, or a 3D printed mold with specialty SLA resins.
Injection Molding with machines ranging from 67-360 tons. Use nearly any thermoplastic such as ABS, PP, PC, PE, and more. Production 3D printing - print your production parts in SLA, SLS or by another method.
Our 3D printing materials vary with each method. In our main method, SLA, we use Watershed, Accura 60, NeXt, and PerFORM.
Our injection molding machines can be made to use nearly any thermoplastic. Whether you need the strength or clarity of polycarbonate (PC), or the versatility of polyethylene (PE), or the rigidity of glass filled nylon we can help!
Get the look you want for your parts with our polish and custom paint options. Or use our vacuum metallizing options for reflective or decorative parts.
Our additional services and secondary operations include personalized assembly, packaging and shipping requirements. Add inserts, screws, or anything else to your parts to prepare them for your customers.
We offer custom packaging to meet your needs. We take special care of your 3D prints to ensure their safe delivery. And we will meet all of your needs in production down to assembly, custom boxes, and labeling.
We take advantage of the benefits of several delivery options. We focus on timeliness and cost when considering our options for delivery. We ship by freight locally and internationally. We ship via parcel carriers, and we deliver by our own hand anywhere in our region.