SLA Post Processing and Finishes

One of our team preparing an SLA part for a customer. One of our team preparing an SLA part for a customer.

Envision the final look with the right finish on your 3D printed parts

Clean and cured

Every SLA part is cleaned and properly prepared to get the full benefits of the resin. After a part is printed it goes through a multi-step cure and clean-up and review to ensure that the parts are made correctly and without defect.

Quality first, then perfection

After the part is post cured and inspected a second time for accuracy and defects our finishing staff will prepare the part to its final form. Whether that is a particular level of polish, custom paint to mimic the final look, parts can be vacuum metallized for chrome-like or other metallic finishes.


The standard clean-up of a part is to remove build lines and to give the part a smooth surface.

Certain applications require transparent resins for fluid-flow testing, being able to witness the interactions of the fluid within the part is crucial to the test. Our finishing staff will provide the level of clarity you desire.


Paint is one of the most useful ways to represent the final look of your part and for brand recognition. Our finishing team has a variety of tools and skills to simulate the look you want from your parts including. APS will also prepare and ship your 3D printed parts primed and ready for your paint department.

Vacuum metallize

SLA models can be Vacuum metallized for a chrome-like look.

Whatever the challenge, ask our team what we can do for you. We want to provide you, our customer, the most functional and aesthetic part possible.