3D Printing Materials

SLA Materials

Our resins make the difference

Every project needs the right materials to get the features required in your product. APS offers several options, so you get the most out of your design.

See the difference

Get clarity and see the details in your design with our clear and moisture-resistance materials; Accura 60 and DSM Watershed. These clear materials excellent for fluid-flow testing.

Feel the difference

NeXt resin gives you the feel and strength of thermoplastics, while our PerFORM resin might be just the thing to make a prototype mold for thermoplastics.

Learn more about our SLA resins

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  • DSM Somos® WaterShed XC 11122 is the clear solution. ABS and PBT properties Superior clarity and water resistance Simple to use and finish Great for fluid flow testing
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  • A hard, clear plastic with the aesthetics of molded polycarbonate (PC). Tough functional prototypes Transparent assemblies Clear display models Medical instruments, devices and labware Lighting components (lenses etc.) Fluid flow
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  • With DSM Somos® NeXt, you get the best of both worlds Superior strength and durability Exceptionally versatile Thermoplastic-like performance, look, and feel Very accurate parts with high feature detail
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  • DMS Somos® PerFORM takes your project to new levels of performance Excellent detail resolution Faster, easier processing & finishing Superior high heat tolerance Expanded applications
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