Concept Models

Improved communication with 3d printed concept models

Whether your working with prospective customers, current clients or co workers, clear communication is critical.  APS can quickly produce detailed concept models to communicate product design ascetics, functionality, and ergonomics. A single model can serve many roles, being used throughout design validation and then passed to the production floor for explanation on up coming programs.  

For quick concept checks, a popular option at APS is models sanded to our standard finish level (exterior surfaces sanded to 320, Vapor honed) with a thin coat of primer.  The primer provides a uniform, neutral finish which accentuates design lines and fine details. On average, models of this nature are usually completed and ready to ship within 3 days.

Typical Applications

Fitment Tests, Consumer Surveys, Ergonomics testing, Production floor aids, Presentation Models

IPro 8000

3D Systems Ipro 8000

APS maintains a fleet of 3D Systems SLA machines including our new IPro 8000 featuring one of the largest build envelops available.


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